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2013 Festival Schedule
5:00PM Members Dinner

5:30PM White Frog 
(Quentin Lee, 2012, USA, 93 mins.)
Skype Q&A with director Quentin Lee to follow film
Starring Booboo Stewart (Twilight films), BD Wong (Law & Order: SVU), Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf), Kelly Hu (Arrow), Harry Shum Jr. (Glee)
High-school freshman, Nick is a neglected teen with mild Asperger's syndrome whose life is challenged and ultimately changed forever when tragedy hits his family. With the loss of his brother, Nick forges bonds with his brother's friends forcing a hidden truth to light. White Frog is a universal story of the power of family, friendship, and love positioned to appeal to a broad audience.

With House for Sale (Eisha Marjara, 2011, Canada, 18 mins.) A stranger posing as a home buyer shows up at a suburban house that is up for sale. He asks himself "what am I doing here?" He is after more than just the house.

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7:45PM Les Cabotines-Wine, Women and Friends
(Fiona Cunningham-Reid, 2011, France, 52 mins) Director Fiona Cunningham
Reid will be attending. Q&A and wine tasting to follow the film.

Carole Leblanc and Jo Béfort, started their wine adventure six years ago in Collias, France. Their dream was to produce excellent wine. They had no experience, no professional support, just their passion - and friends. This captivating film follows their wine-making and gently explores their relationships with the village and each other.

With The Devotion Project: Listen from the Heart (Tony Osso, 2012, USA, 10 mins) A documentary tracing the relationship of two women in Oakland, California, from their initial meeting and love affair, through the birth of their child, a boy with a heart condition, who enriches their lives in ways they could never have imagined.

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8-11PM Opening Night Gala
Hosted by the Thatched Cottage (www.thatchedcottage.com). Once again the Thatched Cottage pulls out all the stops in providing a lavish array of hors d'ouvres, Hosted by Delfina Best with DJ Ron Soper Ticket for either "Les Cabotines" or "I Am Divine" required for entry.

Sponsored by Signature Premier Properties (www.signaturepremier.com) and commuunity co-Sponsor Empire State Pride Agenda (www.prideagenda.org).

DJ Ron Soper Delfina Best

9:15PM I Am Divine 
(Jeffrey Schwarz, 2012, USA, 90 mins)
Harris Glenn Milstead, a.k.a. DIVINE was the ultimate outsider turned underground hero. Spitting in the face of the status quos of body image, gender identity, sexuality, and preconceived notions of beauty, Divine succeeded in becoming an internationally recognized icon, recording artist, and character actor of stage and screen. Interviews with John Waters, Ricki Lake, Mink Stole and Tab Hunter bring an in depth look at the life that was Divine.

With Hazel (Tamer Ruggli, 2012, Switzerland, 8 mins.) An obsessive mother, on the verge of a nervous breakdown. A father, carefully blotted out from all the family photos and a dreadful child-psychiatrist with unconventional methods - This is the summary of young Hazel's life, secretly attracted to boys.

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11:30PM After Party @ Jellyfish
located at 441 E Main St, Centerport, NY 11721. (www.eatatjellyfish.com)


11:00AM Bagel Brunch
Hosted by the Long Island Community Fellowship (licf.net) with a display of works by local artists.


12:00PM The Rugby Player

(Scott Gracheff, 2013, USA, 79 mins.)
Q&A with director Scott Gracheff to follow the film.
An uplifting and stereotype-shattering documentary that tells the story of a mother, a son, and what it takes to be a hero. The film explores the lives of Mark Bingham, one of the passengers on United Flight 93 on 9/11, and his mother, Alice Hoagland, a former United Airlines flight attendant. The Rugby Player is a touching, funny and stirring portrait of how a son’s heroism can inspire a nation, and how a mother’s love can turn profound loss into unshakable resolve. Utilizing footage shot by Bingham himself, this timely film provides keen insights for the national debates on LGBT rights, marriage equality and gay athletes in sports.

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1:45PM Trans
(Chris Arnold, 2011, USA, 104)
Producer Mark Schoen PhD to be in attendance with a Q&A to follow the film. Dr. Schoen is a former Huntington resident and teacher in the Half Hollow Hills School District.
An extraordinary documentary feature about men and women, and all the variations in between. It is about the Transgender Community, perhaps the most misunderstood and mistreated minority in America and around the world. Inspired by the incredible story of Dr. Christine McGinn and her work as a transgender surgeon, TRANS provides an up-close and very personal vision into the lives, loves, and challenges of a remarkable cast of characters of all ages and from all walks of life. Stories of confusion and courage, excitement and emotion that have never been told, until now.

With Dating Sucks: A Genderqueer Misadventure (Sam Berliner, 2013, USA, 13). The successes, failures, and incredible confusion trying to date as a genderqueer/trans person.

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4:00-4:30PM Cocktail Reception
Hosted by Transgender Day of Remembrance (www.litdor.net) for the film Trans
Double Feature & Dinner - Special Price Package.
Includes Personal Best, Dinner Reception and Submerge

Purchase Tickets for Sat. Double Feature & Dinner Package securely here:

4:15PM Personal Best
(Robert Towne, 1982, USA, 124 mins.)
Starring Mariel Hemingway & Scott Glenn.
Join us with a blast from the past! The classic film of intertwined lives and loves of three highly-ranked athletes striving for the national team; Chris bounces between the beds of male coach Terry and her female friend, competitor, and role model Tory.

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6:20PM Dinner Reception
For Personal Best and Submerge
Hosted by Don Lorenzo's of Glen Cove (www.donlorenzos.net) with entertainment provided by Cathy Kreger (www.cathykreger.com). Sponsored by Prospect Mortgage(www.myprospectmortgage.com) and community co-sponsor Long Island Pride Sports Association (www.lipridesports.org)

Cathy Kreger


7:00PM Submerge
(Sophie O'Connor, 2013, Australia, 91 mins.)
Skype Q&A with writer Kat Holmes to follow the film
Starring Lily Hall (Neighbours), Christina Hallett and Kevin Dee
Jordan is a competitive swimmer and a college student striving for perfection in all aspects of life. With a demanding schedule, she juggles swim practices, schoolwork, regular stints at the local lesbian hangout and partying with her bisexual roommate, Lucas. When Jordan is invited to take part in a research project, she falls for Angie, the teaching assistant who happens to be the girlfriend of her college professor. A flirtatious and sexy interlude follows until Angie starts to think twice. Hit with a sudden
rejection, Jordan meets nightclub owner Delilah and explores a world of the seedy subculture. A Gen Y love story that explores the need for constant stimulation and instant gratification underpinned by a sense of entitlement. It pushes young adults to believe they can have it all, despite a plethora of competing demands from social media, family, and peers.

With U- Haul Rap Video the Dynamic Duo of Kathryn Lounsbery & Amy Turner, who brought us last year's Lesbian Cliché Song follow up with another music video about the intricacies of Lesbian dating.

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8:15PM Cocktail Reception
For Free Fall. Hosted by Quetzalcoatl Restaurant (www.quetzalcoatlmexrest.com) Entertainment provided by Lydia Sabosto (lydiamakesmusic@optomimum.net) and sponsored by Lori Zapata Photography (http://www.lorizapata.com). Co-sponsored by NCPD(www.police.co.nassau.ny.us) & SCPD(www.suffolkcountyny.gov/departments/police.aspx)

Lydia Zapata

9:00PM Free Fall
(Stephan Lacant, 2013, Germany 101 mins)
Starring Hanno Koffler, Max Riemelt and Attila Borlan
A promising career with the police, a baby on the way -- Marc's life seems to be right on track. Then he meets fellow policeman Kay and during their regular jogs Marc experiences a never-before-felt sense of ease and effortlessness -- and what it means to fall in love with another man. Torn between his family and his new feelings for Kay, Marc sees his world careening more and more out of control. Suddenly, his life is in free fall and Marc realizes that try as he may, he can't make everyone happy. Least of all, himself.

With Chaser (Sal Bardo, 2013, USA, 15 mins) Alienated from his conservative Jewish family and culture, a promising, young, gay schoolteacher seeks solace in underground sex parties.

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11:00PM After Party
at Mac's Steakhouse (www.macssteakhouse.com),
12 Gerard St., Huntington, NY

11:00AM Film Festival Fundraiser
Short Film/Bagel Breakfast hosted by Auntie M's Helping Hands (AMHH.org). Includes Bagels, Cocktails, and Entertainment provided by The Long Island Gay Men's Chorus (http://longislandgaymenschorus.org) and a ticket to a short film program of your choice.
$10.00 in advance at brownpapertickets.com, $15.00 at the door.

Purchase Tickets for LIGLFF Fundraiser Brunch securely here:

12:00PM Men in Film
The Best in Short Films for Men (85 mins)
Kimchi Fried Dumplings (Jason Karman, 2013, USA, 14 mins) - Carl's the eldest of three brothers and is expected to be a role model for the family. He wants to show his family that he made the right choice to move away. However, youngest brother Adam's unexpected hostility reveals the problems with Carl's choices
The Carrier (Scott Schaeffer, 2011, USA, 18 mins) - Starring Rita Wilson, Anna Paquin and Chad Michael Murphy. The story of a grieving mother dealing with the loss of her philandering son. She discovers a secret that will profoundly influence her life, the lives around her, and ultimately a new understanding of her son.
Summer Vacation (Tal Granit & Sharon Maymon, 2012, Israel, 22 mins) - Sea, sun, island, a family on vacation. And all Yuval wants is to get the heck out of there.
The Apple Tree (Matthew Ladensack, 2012, USA, 30 mins) - When Gabe and Jonathan fall in love in the 1940s, they decide to spend their life together in secret. When Jonathan unexpectedly passes away years later, Gabe is forced into a retirement home and must return into the closet.

Purchase Tickets for Men in Film securely here:

12:15PM Women in Film
The Best in Short Films for Women (87 mins)
Producer Jason Klorfein and Director/ Actor Ingrid Jungermann of the F to 7th series, Director Tiona McClodden and cast of Bumming Cigarettes will be attending & doing a Q&A following the film.
F to 7th: Interchangeable & F to 7th: Family(Ingrid Jungermann, 2013, USA, 6 & 5 mins) - An internally homophobic gay struggles to find herself in a world where sexuality and gender have left her old-fashioned lesbianism behind.
Reprise (Shripriya Mahesh, 2012, USA, 14 mins) - Struggling in an abusive same-sex marriage, Meena is forced to confront the reality of her life, relationship and the difficult choice between leaving and staying.
Bumming Cigarettes (Tiona McClodden, 2012, USA, 2 3 mins.) - An intimate meeting between a young, lesbian woman who is in the process of taking an HIV test and a middle-aged, gay HIV positive man.
Natives (Jeremy Hersh, 2013, USA, 20 Mins.) - Rachel and Anita are visiting Anita's parents on the Indian reservation she grew up on, for the first time as a couple. As Rachel's attempts to connect with the parents become more and more desperate, Anita begins to question whether her background is what attracted Rachel to her in the first place.
Beside Her (Carrie Carnevale, 2012, USA, 17 mins.) Dr. Rachel Moretti and Sofia Rios, in one brief moment in time, their love for each other is measured beyond the norms of their everyday lives.

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1:45PM Bridegroom
(Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, 2012, USA, 81 mins.)
Skype Q&A with Shane Bitney Crone to follow the film.
The emotional journey of Shane and Tom, two young men in a loving and committed relationship - a relationship that was cut tragically short by a misstep off the side of a roof. On May 7, 2012, the anniversary of Tom's death, after a year of documenting his own grief, Shane decided to make a video tribute to his partner entitled "It Could Happen To You". This film, posted on YouTube, received over 3.2 million hits and inspired over fifty thousand e-mails and comments on YouTube and Facebook. The impact of Shane's original film and the raw nerve it touched, tells us this is an important story that needs to be brought to the world stage.

With Cappuccino (Tamer Ruggli, 2010, Switzerland, 16 mins.) Despite his marginal and extrovert looks, Jérémie is a shy teenager who keeps a heavy secret: his homosexuality. While trying to find his way between his classmate and sexual fantasy Damien and his very generous but protective mother Gina, his life is about to change

Purchase Tickets for Bridegroom securely here:

3:20 - 4:20PM Cocktail Reception
For Bridegroom & Route of Acceptance
Hosted by the Campari Restaurant (www.campariristorante.com ).

3:50PM Route of Acceptance
(Heather Tobin, 2012, Canada, 114 mins)
Skype Q&A with Director Heather Tobin following the film.
Starring Emily Alatalo (Beauty & the Beast), Ry Barrett & Yvonne Gauthier
Aspiring female film writer Ryan Stark, is having a hard time deciding what University to go to and is fearful to leave the comforts and predictability of high school and her life thus far. The film explores three realities of this young lesbian's life and shows how a decision like your school selection can change your entire future. Each life path evokes intense emotions as Ryan is torn between her love for career, family and marriage.

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Double Feature & Dinner - Special Price Package.
Includes G.B.F., Dinner Reception and Geography Club

Purchase Tickets for Sun. Double Feature & Dinner Package securely here:

6:15PM G.B.F.
(Darren Stein, 2013, USA, 92 mins.)
Starring Natasha Lyonne (Orange is the new Black), Sasha Pieterse (Pretty Little Liars) & Michael J. Willett (United States of Tara)
What happens after Tanner is outed by his classmates and becomes the title "gay best friend" for three high school queen bees? Mean Girls with a gay twist.

Purchase Tickets for G.B.F. securely here:

7:45PM Dinner Reception
For G.B.F
. & The Geography Club.
Hosted by Thai USA (www.yelp.com/biz/thai-usa-huntington). Sponsored by Pride for Youth (longislandcrisiscenter.org)
8:30PM Geography Club
(Gary Entin, 2013, USA, 80 mins.)
Starring Cameron Deane Stewart (Perfect Pitch), Justin Deeley (Couples Retreat), Scott Bakula (Star Trek: Enterprise) and Nikki Blonsky (Hairspray).
16-year old Russell is going on dates with girls while nurturing a secret relationship with star quarterback Kevin, who will do anything to prevent his teammates from finding out. Min and Terese tell everyone that they're just best friends. And then there's Ike, who can't figure out who he is or who he wants to be. Finding the truth too hard to hide, they decide to form a Geography Club, thinking nobody else would want to join. However, their secrets may soon be discovered and they could have to face the choice of revealing who they really are.

With Boygame (Anna Nolskog, 2013, Sweden, 15 mins.) John and Nicholas are 15 years old and best friends. They are both very interested in girls but feel insecure when it comes to a first sexual encounter with a woman. That's why they decide that they will get some 'practice' on each other.

Purchase Tickets for Geography Club securely here:


5:00PM The Perfect Wedding
(Scott Gabriel, 2012, USA, 82 mins.)
Director Scott Gabriel & Actor Sal Rendino of "The Perfect Wedding" and Director A.J. Mattioli of "Bi-dentity Crisis" to be in attendance.
Q&A to follow the films
Starring Eric Aragon, Jason Gaffney, Sal Rendino, James Rebhorn and Kristine Sutherland
Charismatic, handsome Paul is a recovering alcoholic and still picking up the pieces of the destruction he'd wrought while drinking. Christmas is approaching, and Paul's adopted sister Alana is coming home for the holidays and the weekend will be spent planning her June wedding. Ana invites Roy, Paul's ex-boyfriend, their relationship was a casualty to Paul's drinking. So Roy talks his good friend Gavin into joining him for the weekend, and pretending to be his new boyfriend. When Paul and Gavin meet, sparks of attraction fly -- but Gavin thinks Roy's still hung up on Paul. And of course, the last thing Paul wants to do is hurt his ex all over again.

With Bi-dentity Crisis (A.J. Mattioli, 2011, USA, 14 mins.)
Helen longs to be the trendy "Sex in the City" NYC girl. Although she is looking for love, she is looking in all the wrong places. Phillip, a good looking sensitive party boy, is just the right amount of Carrie Bradshaw excitement she needs after a break-up with her loser ex-boyfriend.After a month of dating, their relationship comes to a head over a cup of coffee.fter dating for over a month Helen's affection for Phillip come to a halt in a comedic explosion at a coffee house.fter dating for over a month Helen's affection for Phillip come to a halt in a comedic explosion at a coffee house.

Purchase tickets for The Perfect Wedding securely here:

6:45PM Reaching for the Moon
(Bruno Barreto, 2013, Brazil, 115 mins.)
Starring Miranda Otto (Lord Of the Rings), Gloria Pires and Tracy Middendorf (M:I III)
Based on a real life story Reaching for the Moon tells the story of the tumultuous and tragic love affair between American Poet Laureate and Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Bishop and Brazilian architect Lota de Macedo Soares.

Purchase tickets for Reaching for the Moon securely here:

7:00PM Out in the Dark
(Michael Mayer, 2012, Israel/Palestine, 96 mins.)
Brought to you by the Generosity of Prospect Mortgage
Starring Nicholas Jacob and Michael Aloni
A drama centered on the love affair between two men on opposite sides of the Mid-East conflict: Palestinian student Nimer and Roy, an Israeli lawyer.

With After Jake (Tawana Briggs, 2013, USA, 8 mins.) After Keith, a well-meaning dad, discovers a condom inside his gay teenage son's room, the dreaded sex talk seems imminent.

Purchase tickets for Out in the Dark securely here:

8:30PM Closing Night Gala
Hosted by Tula Kitchen (www.tulakitchen.com), The Grill Room (www.thegrillroomrestaurant.com),Ben's Kosher Deli (http://www.bensdeli.net) and Skorpios (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Skorpios-Restaurant/128341737207117 ).

Sponsored by MetLife (ddercole@metlife.com) and community co-sponsor LIAAC(www.liaac.org).

Entertainment will be presented by NealB.TV (www.NealB.TV) and Broadway Sings for Pride (www.bwaypride).
Neal B. will host Broadway's finest performers including:
Chondra Profit -"The Lion King", "A Funny Thing Happened..."
Rachel Lorin - Joe's Pub, Splash Nightclub, "Disney's High School Musical" 1 & 2
Russell Fischer - "Jersey Boy's”, "Billy - The Musical"
Matt Leisy - "The History Boys”, "The Fantasticks"
Noreen Crayton - Gospel Recording Artist, Rent National tour

Chondra Profit Rachel Lorin Russell Fischer
Matt Leisy Noreen Crayton

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